Thursday, April 05, 2007

Womens' Work!

Some people say that washing up is womens' work, but of course I would strongly disagree. However, Becky and Ashley, my buddies from Capernwray who have been hanging around the Gant Household these last couple of days, are traditionalists who wanted to prove that, despite being women, they were quite at home in Marigold rubber gloves! They'll kill me when they see this, but they'll be in America by then, so it'll be too late. Huh ha!


Bonita said...

YO RUS! How are you man? When are you getting married? I think you and your wife should come with me to Cambodia next year! *smile*

Jenny said...

I've tagged you to write a blog about 6 quirks. x

Jenny said...

see mine for reference. x :)

Anonymous said...

Woow! Are these ladies at the sink still single? Nowadays, it's hard to find women who enjoy staying home doing chores.... That's what I need: I real stay-at-home housewife...hahaha
Jokes aside, I'm not machista (male chauvinist). As we know, women and man are at equal levels. Women are rapidly moving up in all areas of society. Women have become strong and independent as opposed to the old fashioned housewife. Women may do chores when they're at home, however, they're not obligated to do all the stuffs alone.
Besides, I think its great that housewives wear gloves to protect their skin from potentially hazardous chemical products.
At least, they're working safely.

That's what I think.