Monday, April 16, 2007

Capernwray in the Spring

With Roxy and Jo - I love these guys!

I travelled up to Capernwray by train over this last weekend for Dougie's 40th Birthday party which was great fun. I think he was genuinely surprised because he was quiet, which for anyone who knows Dougie, is unusual!!
My fantastic friends Jo, Ian, Erynne, Melissa and Roxy took me out for dinner on Friday evening which was a great time. It was weird to be back at Capernwray in the Spring, because the place starts to look like it did when I first arrived there this time last year. WOW! What a lot has happened in a year. This time last year, jenny was just a face (all be it a beautiful one) across a crowded courtyard.

My journey home was incredibly long - I had forgotten that they do all the engineering work on the railways on a Sunday. A journey that takes 4 hours by car, took me 9 and a half hours by train and bus. But I did have a really interesting converstaion with a young Christian couple on the bus, so that made it all the more worthwhile. God's plans are so exciting!


Jenny said...

Capernwray looks lovely, I'm glad you had a good time. I'm excited to go back there and visit with you!

I love you


Jo said...

Aaaaggghhh you posted a pic of me! What were you thinking!!!
I updated my blog by the way.... Still no quirks yet though!
Love ya bro... :)