Sunday, April 08, 2007

OK, I know I am very sad!!

Just to confirm (as if confirmation were needed after the pictures of me gardening in my wellington boots), I am a fairly sad individual! Here is a picture of the steam engine that I own. She is an seven and a quarter inch gauge, 0-4-0 side tank engine (which probably means nothing to anyone). Yesterday we moved her out of her shed for the first time since the winter and moved her to the Little Orchard Railway for her annual boiler test. How exciting!! I guess the fact that I have posted three posts in less than a week shows you that I am a bit lonely! Jenny gets here in 14 days, 18 hours.

Church was fantastic this morning. Duncan Banks (one of our Church Leaders) spoke and me and two others gave testimony. It went really well and the church was packed.

Happy Easter - Praise our Lord Jesus Christ, he has risen and is alive.

"I am the living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever!"
Revelation 1: 18


Steve said...

Hey Russ,
I don't think you're sad - it's a very handsome looking engine, although I must admit ignorance to the 0-4-0 stuff!

Glad your Easter service was really good, I really enjoyed ours - not sure what to make of the preacher though - name was Steve with a weird surname :-)
He was looking at what it must have been like for the different people mentioned in Luke 23-24 during those roller-coaster days finishing with Jesus words at the end of chapter 24 and an explanation of the Gospel. It seemed to go down very well.
Can't say the church was packed but we had a lot of visitors which was great.

Have a great week and I'll catch up with you soon. Not too long now before J-day! :-D

Steve said...

PS - Where's the link to my blog on your blog page????

Jenny said...

I know! I know! the 0-4-0 is something to do with the number of certain wheels right?? See I do listen sometimes, ;) And I don't think you're sad at all, I happen to love you!


Jenny said...

I hope it's something to do with wheels otherwise it looks like I don't listen.