Monday, April 09, 2007

The Quirks of Gant

OK so I was tagged by Jenny.

Premise: blog a blog about six weird things about yourself. Then "tag" via inter web 6 other people to do the same thing. Don't forget to let them know on their own Bloggy McBlogs that they've been inter-tagged.

End result: everyone gets to learn about your lovely little quirks. So here are the Quirks of Gant (there are many more, but these were the first that came to mind)!

1. I cannot stand using a telephone with a twisted cord. I have to hold it up in the air before I dial and let the receiver dangle and unwind its self. This also applies to the lance of the car pressure washers found at petrol stations.

2. I always warm the tea pot with boiling water before I make the tea. However, I don’t think this is a quirk, this is the kind of stuff Britain built it’s empire on (mind you look what happened to the empire). Whilst we’re on tea, I would also have to say I do much prefer to drink tea out of a bone china cup and saucer rather than out of a mug.

3. This is getting worse now – I am very, very particular about how a table is set for dinner. Ideally, the more silverware, china and crystal wine glasses are used, the better. Obviously a white table cloth is a must, as are proper cloth napkins.

4. I absolutely abhor bad manners. However, I know that actually, I can be pretty arrogant at times.

5. I like hot toast, cut into triangular slices and served straight from the toaster in a toast rack (preferably, but not essentially, silver). Slices of toast should never be laid on top of each other, as this causes them to sweat and subsequently get soggy. Soggy, cold toast, as served daily at Capernwray Hall Bible School, is to be avoided at all times!

6. I have an unusually large collection of cuff links! The best/saddest pair being some shaped like steam engines (pictured - I can't believe I'm that bored I took a picture of my cuff links), although I do own a pink diamond pair, but I won those in a raffle, so I don’t own them out of choice – just bad luck!

That's it - weird I know, but then we all suspected it. I choose to tag, Jo, Melissa and Becky.


Jenny said...

My how English you sound....I suppose that's because you are. Are you sure you're paired with the right person?? (a loud Canadian?) ;)

Love you xx

Anonymous said...

Does burping count as a bad manor?

Odie_The_Super_Plywood said...

You are your flipping toast racks, hey I met Kendra from Canada, she came here to visit a few days ago.

Steve said...

Hee hee, I'm sure I've never done the first one, at least not on a lance on a pressure washer - probably only because I've never used one! :-)
Now I think of it, I did do it to our phone just the other day - but that was only a couple of days after chatting with you, so I'm sure that's your influence!!
Cordless phones are definitely the way to go. :-)