Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday - A Day of Rest

Tuesday is my day off. So I drove up to Ravenglass and had a ride on the Ravengalss and Eskdale Railway - may be dull to some, but very interesting if you happen to like steam engines! I did mention in the Monday morning service that I like trains and I have been constantly mocked since! But the railway was very interesting. I then took the back roads through some spectacular countryside to Ambleside and sat and had a drink at the pier cafe and watched the boats and read a bit of "Everyone's Normal Until You Get to Know Them" which I am really enjoying.

All the young people have been on a coach trip today so Capernwray was very quiet when I got back. I called Jenny who has now arrived safely back in Ottawa and despite all the delays, has been given a free return ticket to the UK, so financing the return trip is now not an issue. God knows what he's doing.

I am learning a lot from this week's speaker who is a guy called Andy Feron who, like me studied at Capernwray, but is now working in a church in Northern Ireland. I have had a good chance to get to know him and his wife Rhodda and find out how God has worked in their lives.

I still have a stinker of a cold, in fact I think it's man flu - which as us men know can be fatal if the correct amount of TLC is not administered! Please pray that someone will give me some TLC and not just tell me to stop winging!!

Bye for now.


tmosh said...

How did your meeting go Mr. Russel ?

Russ said...

Hi Tanys (is that how you spell it?)

The meeting went really well thanks. I opened in prayer and then got all the young people to do some early morning excercises to wake them up!! Then I gave my testimony which seemed to go down well. Then Andy Feron spoke on why Jesus had to die and I had just finised by saying how incredibly grateful we must always be because Jesus had to die for each one of us. I was nervous, but it went well. My early morning reading reminded me that it's not how good I look, or how I say things that matters, but just that I allow myself to be open to God using me to say what He wants to say.

tmosh said...

thats great to hear! it's amazing how God still uses us even when we may not feel prepared it's so easy to feel small in comparison to His greatness - but He is faithful!
Tanys - you did spell it right!

Jenny said...

I'm sure it's a nice train, but I think the one we were on the Windmere day was nicer, maybe that was because of all the company though!

Jenny said...

P.S. The train does match your blog very nicely :)

Steve said...

Sheesh, all these comments and not a one to give you sympathy for your man flu - what is the world coming to? I hope you're over it by now and I hope you're not feeling too low either.

Having not visited your blog since last week (I know, I know, I'm sorry!! :-o ) I only just got to find out about the meeting you were leading, I'm glad it went well despite you feeling grim.

Nice train by the way :-)