Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back to Capernwray

Well Hello. First an explanation. This site is no longer girlie pink, because I had some technical assitance to change it to a much more manly green (thanks Jenny).

Well I'm back at Capernwray working on the staff looking after the guests who are stying here on Christian holidays. My journey back was great, but I did arrive pretty late on Sunday morning (about 12:45am). I just collapsed into bed and went straight to sleep. I was awoken the next morning by my new room mate Tim - another Irishman. He's huge and looks like a cross between Antonio Banderas and Jaws from the James Bond films (in a good way!!).

We've got straight into the teaching and I am teaching children from 5 to 11 years every morning. I have to dress as a pirate (called Russ the Repulsive - how apt) and I have been kidding myself that I look like Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Carribean (in fact I think I look more like Captain Pugwash!!).

The work is great fun. The weather has been baking hot. I had a day off yesterday (Tuesday) and travelled up to Morpeth to see my friend Jenny. We went out with her brother Steven and their friends Steve and Heather and went to visit Lindisfarne which was beautiful (they make Mead there which we had a free sample of...Mmmmm).

I really feel that God has given me this opportunity to share His word with others so that a) the children we teach come to know more about Jesus, and b) so that I can more fully understand the scriptures. In teaching others, I am sure I am starting to remember the Bible better.

So that's about it so far for week one. I'll try to add regular updates to this site, as well as photos so you can keep abreast of what I'm doing. MCF's cheque for £810 in support of my winter school studies here, arrived this morning, so that's the deposit (and then) some paid off! Great. I feel well supported.

Thank yor for your continued prayers.

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