Sunday, July 09, 2006

Start of Family Week Two

Hi All. Its Sunday and our next group of families arrived yesterday. We have gone from having 10 children in our group last week to 37 this week!! God is so great to give us just a small number of children to "practise" on last week and they were such and angelic bunch. As you will see from the picture, face painting seemed to be the highligh of the week! This week looks like it might be much more challenging! We have some children with some very specific needs and many young lads who just want to play football!

We have taken the families on a walk this afternoon, it rained very hard indeed!

The stories that I am teaching the children are: Nebuchadezzar, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego this morning, Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem tomorrow, Tuesday is my day off. On Wednesday I am teaching the story of Joshua marching around the walls of Jericho and Queen Esther on Thursday, with Friday being a review of the weeks teaching and Saturdays being change over day. I am teaching dressed as a Pirate which adds an interesting dimension as does the fact that I seem to have adopted a West Country accent!!

I have to say that I found week one quite a struggle, but I feel that I am settling into the routine now and starting to enjoy myself as well as feeling like the teaching is proving beneficial to the children. Please continue to pray for these children.


tmosh said...

Hi Russ!
it seems to appear you make a great pirate & a great clown - either way you will be a hit with the rest of the Moshers - they all seem to be a cross between clowns + pirates - maybe piratowns or clownrates...hmmm

Jenny said...

Hmmm it is true, we do seem to like pirates in some form or another! I believe one of my brothers has the pirate name C'ptn Tom Flint!

I think I like the pirate costume better than the clown face paint though...!

See you tomorrow!

Steve said...

A man of many faces indeed! It was great to see you yesterday, I'm presuming you were wearing your real face :-)

After Steve's Gollum impression last night I think you've seen a pretty good glimpse of just how crazy those Moshers get.

Hope the rest of the week goes well and that you have fun with the walls of Jericho and Queen Esther.

God bless you,

guess who I am said...

Hello Russ, loving the blog site thingy.