Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"The Name's Bond...James Bond - Your Mission...Zimbabwe!"

We recently had a costume party here at Capernwray and I didn't put my usual thought and effort into my outfit. Hence, at the last moment I had to go for the dinner suit and slicked back hair look. I even had to borrow the gun...from a cowgirl! You will have guessed by now who I'm supposed to be...that's right, the tax man! Do note however, that I cut off my sideboards, the first time since I was about 19! I felt naked without them - luckily they're back now!

It was great fun and everyone had a fantastic time and (apart from me) put so much effort into their costumes.

As you may know, I have the chance to go to Zimbabwe in February with a team from Capernwray. I am very keen to go to a totally new culture and have the opportunity to share the gospel, but the cost is £1,000. I am therefore trying to do some pretty quick fundraising.

We would be working mostly with children and young people alongside the Bishop and Minister from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.

I would very much appreciate your prayers, that this would be a trip that God wants me to pursue.


tmosh said...

hello Mr Bond er Mr Russell
i'm growing and i dont know what i'm having : )
No sideboards AND a gun!! Does Auntie Jenny approve??!

Jenny said...

Hmmmm we might have to have a discussion about this.... ;)

Jenny said...

oh by the way, nice suit!

Anonymous said...

Sideboards? I never noticed you carrying furniture around with you - could come in useful for hiding the gun in when Jenny's around though. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey big lad ... looking sharp! Hope Miss MoneyJenny is keeping you in order.