Friday, October 06, 2006

Canada, Suffolk and back to Capernwray

Well, I'm going to cheat a bit here. Since Jenny has already published lots of the best pictures from our two weeks together, I will just refer you to her Blogsite to look at the pictures -

We had an amazing time together in Canada and it was great to meet Gord and Glenda as well as catching up with Steven and meeting Phil. I will post some pictures as soon as I get five minutes.

We flew back into Gatwick on 24th September and after a terrible experience at customs when I really thought for a few minutes that they weren't going to let Jenny back into the UK we dashed back to Suffolk in time for Church. Jenny did very well at meeting loads of friends from church, despite the fact that we had slept for over 24 hours. She was her usual lovely self.

I felt the trip to Suffolk was a bit rushed and I know Mum and Dad wished we'd all had more time together but they really enjoyed meeting Jenny and are looking forward to her coming back soon.

I am now back at Capernwray and trying to settle back into bible school. I am trying to get fit and have been running (well walking quickly really - combined with lots of sweating and huffing and puffing!!) I am determined to be able to run with Jenny, but maybe not 12 miles! Thanks for your continued prayers and support.


Jenny said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I had a wonderful 2 weeks with you as well and it was great to meet your family. I'm continuing to pray for you as your at Capernwray, God has so much for you there!

Can't wait to see you again!! xox

Norma Jean said...

aww...she gave you kisses. Tsk tsk. lol ....If anyone can beat you into shape let me tell you it will definately be Mosher. you'll be running 20 miles by the time shes done with you. Just ask her to mention one little incident and it'll turn into about 300. Shes a great girl. ANd from what I've heard (thru the grapevine) you are a great guy. so be good to her.
Thats all I wanted to say.

Steve said...

Hey Russ,
I'll be praying for you as you try to get up to speed with the running! :-)

It was great to have you over last weekend to surprise Jenny - H and I still grin when we think of her face when you arrived. hee hee.

Hope you're having a good week and I look forward to catching up with you soon.

God bless you,
Steve (No kisses from me)