Sunday, September 03, 2006

End of a Capernwray Summer

It's now the last week of the summer here at Capernwray and I will be quite glad to finish. The summer has been a fantastic experience, but I am exhausted and could do with a break before the start of winter bible school starts. I will be returning home on Friday 8th September and will then be heading over the Sizewell Hall for our Church weekend.

Jenny has had great problems getting a new visa which is very difficult for us both. We had hoped that she would be coming back to the UK in the next few weeks and she would then have been able to meet the family (both Gants and MCF family). She has so far been refused a new visa and we were both pretty upset at this. However, we see that God is at work and through a very kind gift, it now looks like I will be able to fly out to Canada over the next few weeks to see Jenny which is just great. It is possible that if she gets a visa in the mean time, she may come back to the UK with me.

This week is Summer Studies. Most of the guests this week are of more mature years and there is a large party of American women. They descended on me at breakfast and it was a bit like eating with the Golden Girls. They kept asking me to say words in my quaint little o' English accent!!

Anyway, hope to see you all soon and tell you all my other news.

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Jo said...

Only you Russ, could get away with posting flowers on yer blog! Love ya