Tuesday, August 01, 2006

International Youth Week 3 & I'm Very Tired!!

Well it's Tuesday morning and this is the last of three International Youth Weeks here at Capernwray. Each week has been very different, with a huge variety of guests and three different, but equally challenging speakers. The opportunity to lead meetings, share my testimony and present my own thoughts on God's word as well as sharing what I feel God has placed on my heart, has been really exciting.

Today we should be on a coach trip to Bowness-on-Windermere, but it's been lashing down with rain, so we are stranded at the house. We have pressed into service lots of tried and tested games and actually had some great fun.

Last night was Celidh (Kay-lee) dancing, but again it was too wet to do this in the courtyard, so we did it in the sports hall. Very good fun, but extremely hot, sweaty and resulting in many blisters!

Last week I spent my day off looking at railways again and therefore this picture is just for you Dad (you're the only one who will be remotely intererested, but I think it's a good picture! It was taken at Haworth station on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway - setting of "The Railway Children" novel).

On Saturday Ian, Jo, Erynne (who are on the guest team with me) and I went out for lunch. Ian is a local, and knew a good pub, so we went to The Railway Inn, which is right next to Ribble Head viaduct on the Settle to Carlise Railway. Another good place to watch trains. OK no more about trains.

Jenny and I are reading through the book of Job togther and emailing our thoughts and comments back and forth across the Atlantic, which is great and proving really useful.

I am hoping that I will be home on Friday 8th September, but should then go straight up to Sizewell for the MCF church weekend. I am also really hoping that Jenny will be coming back from Canada sometime around then, so maybe some of you will get to meet this amazing young lady.

Please pray for the young people here this week. Many of them are Christians, but also lots do not yet know the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Please pray that God will speak to them in ways that they cannot fail to here this week. Please pray for us as a team. We are all functioning on limited sleep and sometimes putting on a smile can be difficult, but we are enjoying the challenge and learning a lot from each other and from the young people.


big-brother-is-watching-you said...

Teacher: Gary! I asked you to draw your pet on the blackboard and you've done nothing.

Gary: I have, it's my black cat at night.

Get it?

Tune in for more jokes ........soon!

big-brother-is-watching-you said...

Doctor: I'm afraid you are very ill

Patient: Nonsense, I demand a second opinion

Doctor: .........and you're ugly!!