Saturday, January 27, 2007

Late January - and the Great Beard Experiment

I had a beard for most of January, so here is a picture just to prove it!

Well as you will see, in order to keep up with my stylish fiancee, I have redesigned by blogsite (actually clicked the mouse a few times and it was all done for me!)

January is proving tough! Jenny is thousands of miles away, I have spent a week in bed with a nasty infection, the weather has been pretty rotten here at Capernwray and Jenny is thousands of miles away...did I mention that?!

Lectures are still really interesting and time with fellow students is a learning process too.

We have a date booked for the wedding which will be in Canada on Saturday 1st September this year. Jenny has chosen a dress, so things are moving along quickly with life. Jenny also has a new job which she has now started. God is good.

I am now starting to investigate what I might do after I leave Capernwray and have 2 churches to contact with the posibility of internships - working with experience church leaders to gain 'on the job' experience. I have also applied to various colleges including Cornhill and Spurgeons with a view to further studies. Please pray that God would open up doors for Jenny and I to serve him.

The Zimbabwe trip is rapidly approaching and the team are taking various services here in the UK over the next few weeks to gain experience.

All prayers gratefully accepted!


Jenny said...

Wow! You're a technological genuis ;)

After seeing the picture I would have to say I'm glad that I won't have to see the beard in person, lol.

I definitely think you need to call me today because I didn't get to speak with you at all yesterday and it sucked!

I love you :) xx

tmosh said...

don't worry Russ - one day the beard will grow on her and she'll enjoy seeing you with one - it's inevitable

Russ said...

Well Tanys, I have to say, that I hope a beard doesn't grow on Jenny!! I guess I could send her off to the circus! But then may be that's not what you meant!

tmosh said...

no it's not what i meant at all - i hope a beard doesn't grow on her either...but she may grow to love the beard
i guess thats what i meant to say...

Jenny said...

Do you like "circus" freaks?

Steve said...

Well Russ, I really don't know what to add to the conversation! I can't really imagine Jenny with a beard but you know how fashions change.
Don't worry Jenny, I'm not getting urges to doctor any pictures of you :-)

tmosh said...

oh good idea Steve!!!

Steve said...

Hmm, I'm not sure Tanys. I'm still hoping to be invited to the wedding, and after the comments about the TP and doctoring Jenny's 'un-photogenic' photo I may only be on the reserve list as pew filler now ;-)

Jenny said...


Jenny said...

time for an update dearest? x