Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tax Collector

I am in the process of writing a small group course for bigbible.org.uk called "Meetings with Matt" - four sessions on fundamentals from Matthew's Gospel. I have spent the morning trying to get into the character of Matthew (or Levi as Mark and Luke refer to him).
I can relate to this guy. He once worked for the government - Matthew collected taxes from those traveling the highway between Damascus and the sea, I collected council tax from local residents who generally thought it was highway robbery! Matthew was despised by his fellow countrymen, I was despised by market traders, allotment holders, football clubs, visitors to the public parks and gardens, cemeteries, you name it, at some time or other, they had it in for me as the head of the council.
Like Matthew, when I met with an incredible teacher, who wanted me to learn from Him, I was amazed that someone like me, could be called to follow this Master, this Prophet. Before long, I realised that He was more, much more. A King, a Saviour, the Lord. And all I could do was, pack up the tax collecting and follow!


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