Monday, March 26, 2007

Last Night at Capernwray!!

I can hardly believe my year at Capernwray Bible School has now come to an end. It has gone by so quickly. I have learnt so much. I would be lying if I said it had all been fantastic. There were some extremely challenging times, as I learnt more about God and more about Russell Gant, but there have also been some incredible moments and some incredible people. After all, it was at Capernwray I met my beautiful wife to be!! I also met amazing friends, like Ian and Jo, Nevin and all the Tea shop boys, Rach, Emily and Andrew, not to mention the brilliant Zimbabwe team and my prayer group. I love you all. Here are a few pictures of our last banquet together. From top to bottom, me and the crazy Austrians - Bernie and Christian, Ash, Me, Pete and Becky and finally Mike G. (Burnley boy) and I. Great guys who all mean the world to me.

I'm now back home in Suffolk and trying to concentrate on finishing my sermon for Alex and Vikki's wedding, before trying to get some work. Jenny gets back in April...Hooorayyy!


Jenny said...

Hooooray indeed!! :D xxx

bros said...

I love you Russel. It is my souls desire to make it your wedding. I mean I am only a few days drive away. your in my prayers friend.